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04 March 2009

Starting my newly ENTRECARD again. Haha Why? Oh well my previous Entrecard has been deleted because of the autoplay mp3 on one of my post. Eerr So please drop some entrecard on mine. :D I'm starting again in ZERO. boo me! Haha

Why do we put some EC on our blogs? What is the used of it? Well anyway I don't have all the answers and honestly I don't know how to answer my own question. Haha Maybe I saw a ECwidget on the other blogs so I decided to put EC in my blog too. Just kiddin. But half true. Haha

Anyway EC is also for advertsing your blog to encouraged blogger to read your blog and you can also track bloggers who drop by on your blog, it is one simple way to increased traffic on your site too. The EC credits can be converted into cash. :D Well there are corresponding points that will enable you to convert it to cash. Haha && they are now using EC credits for prizes on a blog contest.

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