Dream Phone
30 November 2008
I was browsing the top blogs when I saw "Anak ni Kulapo" site. I was amazed with the post kasi sobrang kulit almost all of the entries, and the layout was good. But? I hate the song in his website... "tukso"! Anyway, I'm posting an entry for his contest "Sikatchupoy si BURAOT Contest" and here it is:

Napili ko po ang post niyong "Me Cellphone na Ako" na talagang nakakarelate naman ako. Dahil kahapon (November 29,2008) ay nasira ang aking pinakamamahal na cellphone. Ilang beses ko na pinaayos yun at ilang libo na rin nagastos ko. Nagsawa na ako kakapaayos. Bakit "Me Cellphone na Ako" napili ko? Hindi dahil may bago na akong cellphone kundi gusto ko magkaroon ng ganitong kacute na cellphone. Madaling mamisplaced pero sulit naman.

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Mini Havianas
29 November 2008

I'm so inlove with the combination of pink and green.
This cute little havianas is given by our friend Marie.
The 8 of us has this one with our favorite color.
I choosed th green one.

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Do you have GOALS in life?
27 November 2008
I wanted to share to you a lovely and inspiring quote given by our clinical instructor during our lecture in our class. It says:

"Goals that are NOT WRITTEN is only a wish"

...maybe some of you wondering why is this quote all about? I have no idea too. HAHA just kiddin. Before I give my opinion about this quote first let as talk what is goal by the way?

A goal or objective consists of a projected state of affairs which a person or a system plans or intends to achieve or bring about — a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development. Many people endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines.
by wikipedia[dot]com

Goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.
by dictionary[dot]com

There are different meanings of this word but still focuses on its certain "objective" of a person, not only for a person but there are goals in every organizations or group. I will be using my goals as an example. My goal is to graduate on March 2009, take and pass the June Licensure Exam to be able to take other exam needed for me to work outside the country and to have a stable job, that is my goal. So to achieve my goal I have to study hard and discipline myself. So do you have your goal?

Back to the quote "a goal that are not written is a wish". At first I was confused about this statement but I realized that this is true. Why? If your goal is only in your mind you may forgot it anytime, so this goals must be in black and white, means this must be written. Why do I have to write this goals? Let's just say you have to make a contract to your self as an agreement, those written statement will remind you of your goals, but if its only on your mind you can forget it anytime. So if ever you don't get my point? HAHA I have nothing to do about it. :P

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Ideal GUY
26 November 2008
I'm on my duty, I think yesterday November 25, 2008. A friend (guy) of mine texted me. He is asking me what to wear on a debut party. I'm not that good in that stuff so I ask my groupmates what will be the best color of a polo shirt that will look nice to be partnered with a black pants and leader shoes. One of my groupmates suggest that it would be nice if he will use black polo and a white t-shirt inside. I think it is nice so I texted him about what we think is good. I included that it would be nicer if he will wear one small silver earing and make her hair looks wet, and never ever use "bling blings!" HAHA as I imagined a guy who wear black polo, black jeans, leader shoes with one small earing and wet look hair? Wow it is my ideal guy already.

Ideal guy for me is just simple. He must look clean and neat and know how to manage everything. Knows how to make me smile and laugh in short have sense of humor. Guy who knows how to surprise me. A guy who have effort and especially a guy with goals in life, and plans his life with me and do love me, and of course! have looks. Yes! He probably do have looks ! It is important to me. Oh well some may tell that I'm just into looks. Yes I agree! I'm just being true to myself. Some may react negatively about what I'm saying but that is the reality. Those who will not agree with me here is my question "Would you loved someone that is super duper nice but looks like Diego(oOps sorry for the example I've given)? So do you want to be with him forever?" HAHAHA the questions came from a guy friend of mine. :P

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What does CHRISTMAS mean to me?
24 November 2008
What does Christmas really mean to me? Let me think? HmmmmWe don't have any celebration or reunion when this holiday comes. Giving gift? I'm not fan of giving gifts to anyone and no gifts for me either. Haha How about 2 weeks vacation? oh well it will be boring for me. no allowance for 2 weeks and no time to go out with friends because they are all busy preparing for there celebration. But eventhough it will just turn out to be an ordinary day for me, Christmas is special to me. This coming December 25 will be the 19th Christmas of my life. I'm now old to believe in Santa Clause! :P if ever there is Santa I have only one wish, it would be to celebrate my Christmas with my mom, dad and my sister. I grow up with a broken family and as my mom and dad seperate my Christmas felt different.

I don't need gifts or present to feel the spirit of Christmas but I need my family. Even if there is no "noche buena" for us at least I know we are happy. I'm still praying that sooner or later my wish will be granted by Santa.

*This post is an entry for Teen Philippines Christmas Contest. If you want to be part of the contest CLICK HERE and please participate on the SURVEY.*

Christmas Sponsors links: Kevin / Poetic Notes / Micheal Aulia / Idiotbox / Serradinho Blog /Princess Quin / Anything Goes / Automotive Blog

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"Nurses! Grab your License!"
23 November 2008
Lecturer: Nurses! Grab your License!
Students: *raise the right hand and grab imaginary license in the air* GIVE ME THE EXAM!

First day of our in-house review for our local nursing board exam. And sobrang nakakapagod! We arrived at the "kapitol" (conference room of the City Municipality here in SFC, LU) at 7:45am. 8:00 am starts the review but we are here in the Philippines so the proper review started at almost 9:00 am. Our lecturer is so cute and he is so funny. :P I didn't expect that our review will be exciting and full of fun. Our lecturers technique is that they have prepared some "jokes" and most of them have sense of humor. I observed that it is a must that a lecturer have sense of humor if they're not? well the students will end up sleeping on there chairs or maybe will not attend the review. :P April 22, 2009 will end our review and I'm very excited to take the board although I'm not still prepared. Haha

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Juicing Thoughts
22 November 2008
As I have read about this contest I don't really know what to post. To have an idea how to start my entry about this contest, I decided to read the past post of JT Creations. And there I found out we have almost same interest and ideas. Not because I do make poems or stuff that she is doing but it is because she loves blogging like I do. :P JT Creations have great poems, quotes and short stories which will surely touch everyone's heart.


I'm thinking if I will update my entry. So here I am updating it and thinking what will I add. HAHA well everyone who joined the contest wants to be the winner. I probably want to be see my name on the list of winners but the only question is? Do I deserve to win? Yes I will! Think positive right? To be in the contest is a sign that I can win it. I do have blog that I think is nice. My blog is my new best friend. And we will both do our best to win. :)

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Kinakabahan o Natatae lang?
21 November 2008
Non-sense right? but hey! don't deny that you haven't feel this way. You can't figure out kung "natatae ka lang" or "kinakabahan ka"! HAHA well actually I have no violent reaction bout this. Natatawa lang ako kapag naiisip ko ang bagay na ito. I have a lot! yes a LOT of experience about this feeling natatae or kinakabahan. Last week nakaramdam ako ng ganitong feeling. Ang mahirap nito eh biglaan na lang. SO nagkwekwentuhan lang kami ng mga friends ko when I suddenly felt yung kaba and wala naman akong maisip na dahilan bakit ako nenerbyosin so pangalawang pumasok sa isip ko baka natatae lang ako. HAHA Weird noh? May iba pang term for that feeling eh if I'm not mistaken "tumatakbong daga sa dibdib" or "butterfly on the stomach". Correct me if I'm wrong. HAHA

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20 November 2008
First time ko pumasok sa school na dalang pera lang eh pamasahe. Nag-away na naman kasi kami ng mom ko. I know kasalanan ko kasi "tamad" ako. I'm aware of that issue. Ang di ko lang gusto at kinasama talaga ng loob ko yung pagsabihan niya akong "bobo!", "tanga ka talaga!", "ang baba ng IQ mo!", "wala ka silbi!"... I know it's kinda "mababaw" but yang mga words na yan naging dahilan bakit ganito ako ngayon. Anu ba yung ganito na yun? Ang pagkakaalam kasi ng ibang tao wala ako problema, masaya sa buhay, walang iniintindi. Kasi yun yung nakikita nila sa akin. Pero ang di nila alam yung nakikita nila na ugali ko kabaliktaran ng nararamdaman ko. Ang baba ng tingin ko sa sarili ko, negative lagi pumapasok sa isip ko, natatakot akong subukan ang mga bagay na gusto kong maachieve dahil nga sa kulang or wala ako tiwala sa sarili ko. Yun ang kinasasama ng loob ko sa mom ko, dahil mula ng bata pa ako lahat ng mali ko nakikita niya at laging yang negative words naririnig ko sa kanya alhtough meron din papuri pero ang salitang yan ang tumatak sa utak ko. Hindi ko mapigilan luha ko kanina. I texted one of my friend to call me para makausap siya kahit saglit. And ayun bigla na lang tumulo ng husto yung luha ko. Hindi ako makapagsalita basta umiiyak na lang ako. Gusto ko lang siguro maramdaman na may nag-aalala sa akin. My friend is a guy actually. And I do feel comfortable when I talk to him.

So if ever my kapatid or anak kayo. Don't let them feel that they are alone. Don't ever tell them that they are "bobo" or "tanga" or anything that will let them think they are losers. Huwag niyo sila pagdadamutan or what... Kung anu trato niyo sa kanila nung bata nila magrereflect yun paglaki niya.

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New Blog Layout!
19 November 2008
Yay for me! I have created my own layie, although it's simple but at least I made it on my own. :P with the help of blogskin[dot]com and to the person i have borrowed the codes! :)

Anyway I'm having problems with the "previous post" and "comments". As you can see there are no comment link on the entries. Can anyone tell me and teach me what to do about this problem? :( and my other problem is? how can I get those cute smileys? haha && I cannot see my edit button? :(( Thanks for those who will help me. :)

I miss posting and blog hopping. :D

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asar! HAHA
17 November 2008


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Pablo Banila
Inspired by "ate" Xyla. :P

I had read a post by Ate Xy about the Pablo Banila craze so I decided to make my own too though it's kinda late. HAHA anyway by the used of multiply I was able to read an article about Pablo Banila's interview in UP blog. I don't really get why people are so affected about PB visiting there site's. And accusing him that "he is creepy!", "he stalks me at multiply and follows me at FS" (oOps bato bato sa langit tamaan peace tayo. :P). Well I was thinking if he stalks everyone then "bakit ako hindi?" HAHA anyway on the said interview Pablo Banila is studying outside the country, he is using a program which can visits millions of profiles in just one hour and his main goal is to visit billions of sites in one hour (parang ganyan), so this means HE NEVER STALKS ANYONE. And besides as you can see in your viewing history only the front page has been viewed. :P
Stalking is the obsessive following, observing, or contacting of another person, or the obsessive attempt to engage in any of these activities. This includes following the person to certain places, to see where they live or what the person does on a daily basis, it also includes seeking and obtaining the person's personal information in order to contact him or her; e.g. looking for his or her details on computers, electoral rolls, personal files and other material containing the person's private information without his or her consent.
For me? Pablo Banila is a great person, a GENIUS! I can tell that he is genius because the way he express and answer the questions given to him? I can relate only in some few words (malalim kasi). He can not enter to a prestigious school in other country if he don't have the quality of being one right? He is just only human who wanted to be accepted and be friends with other people. He is also searching for his one true love and by visiting profiles and sites maybe he can find that girl that will be interested to know him. As all of us are dreaming to. :) We just have to respect him as he is.

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Are you mad at Friendster?
16 November 2008
"Bakit ganun ang friendster?" , "Friendster sucks!" , "Nawawala mga friends ko sa FS." , "Asar naman oh!" ...

I'm guilty of those phrases too! but I never cursed Friendster for being offline for a few days and out of 1,500+ friends on my list I only got 31 friends! May mga nagkalat pa ngang nahack ang Friendster so they currently fixing there system. Someone sent me a group message about Friendster so I decided to inform my multiply friends about that, kasi mostly naman my friendster account. So kahit hacker man or system ang problema ng friendster hindi pa rin gumagana ng maayos. HAHA so I'm just waiting that FS will be okay soon.

I'm not against to those who cursed friendster and being angry of it but we must also understand that lahat ng bagay nagkakaproblema. So if ever baka isang araw magkaproblema din ibang site's diba? and marami na naman tayong maririnig na reklamo. HAHA well I'm just saying my opinion.

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Need Prayers
15 November 2008
Update: I'm still not feeling well for almost one week so I decided to go for check-up. My doctor gave me an anti-bacterial drug (Co-amoxiclav) which causes P65.00 and I will take that for one week two times a day.! My mom spend almost P1500+ for my check-up and medicine... I wanted to be confine because I really not feeling well, my fever is on and off and that is not good, and I'm also experiencing moderate headache.

Early this morning my Dad texted me that my step brother was confined, he was stab at the back and confined at Vigan Coop Hospital. They put a tube on the left part of his trunk to drain the blood accumulated on his lungs. Me and my brother are not that close because of the age gap and we have different mom's, but when my dad told me about his condition I was shocked and worried about his condition. I texted my friends to pray for my brother's fast recovery. and now I'm glad my brother is stable, they remove his oxygen and he can sit on his own. Thank God. I still need more prayers for my brother.

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Random Things On My Mind
12 November 2008
I've been sick for almost 1 week and still I'm experiencing coughs and colds. boo me! I should overdose myself in vitamin C! haha Well this diseases are common nowadays, since the weather is changing every now and then. INIT-LAMIG-INIT-LAMIG. Eerr and does it sounds good. ? "buti sana kung may SNOW!"

By the way, when I'm on my duty this morning I was thinking to sleep early today since I have classes tomorrow at 8am and we are not allowed to be absent or late. but HEY! why I'm still awake? you don't have any idea? hmmm ok me too. HAHA sometimes I feel like I want to sleep but then again I can't sleep.! I don't have anything in mind except for the two person special in my life now.. landee! and who's that two human being? hmm let me just give them codes let person number 1 be Mr. Niceguy and the person number 2 be Mr. Cutie... hmmm I can't reveal the names since I have to protect there privacy. lolx

I was having conversation with Kevin who owns the "PINOYTEENdotCOM" that is now known as BUHAYKABAATANdotCOM. He is in need of writers who can give some entries to be shared with fellow youth... at sa kapal ng mukha ko I volunteered to be one of them since I'm trying some effort to improve my blogging and being a blogger, there is no harm on trying right?

"Masarap ang bawal!"

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Dhadha’s Double Celebration Contest
11 November 2008

Yeah another contest. HAHA Hindi ba nauubusan? well I'm just looking for some luck. :P since I'm new a blogger and can't afford to buy my own domain so here it is Dhadha’s Double Celebration Contest.




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I'm browsing the STUMBLE.com for a new cool site and found this one ( explosm.net )

Haha. I do enjoy reading this comics. Super kulit. :P
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Cute's Blogger Award
10 November 2008
Thanks for the tagged PHYLLZ (TheFLIPGirl)

1. Each blogger must post this rules
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves
3. Bloggers that are tagged needs to write ten things about their selves and post these rules . you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names .
4. Don`t forget to leave them a comment telling them they`ve been tagged and to read your blog .

10 facts about "jh3n"

1. I am moody.
2. I do fall in love easily.
3. Spend 15 hours in front of the computer.
4. Wanted to become a model in my dreams. HAHA
5. Loves surprises but never been surprise. :(
6. I craved for "sinigang na baboy".!
7. Hate hate hate READING!
8. Dreamed to have my own business.
9. Converted myself form being pro-social to anti-social. HAHA
10.Conservative by heart. Lolx

I'm passing this CUTE award to these bloggers:
Sheynee / Khai / Joanna / Jeru / Gen / Gellie

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Pinkista’s 3rd Anniversary Contest

Wanted to join this contest? CLICK HERE. :)

The following prizes are:

1st winner
$30 cash thru paypal
$20 cash thru paypal (sponsored by Swastik of STZ)
Blog Review worth $30 from Wahb.biz (sponsored by Paul)
1000 EC credits from Palabuzz (sponsored by Paul).
125×125 advertisement on Pinkista.net for 1 month

2nd winner
$10 cash thru paypal
$10 cash thru paypal (sponsored by Swastik of STZ)
1 yr domain (.com/.org/.net/.us) + hosting package (sponsored by Valerie)
1000 EC Credits (sponsored by Nina)
125×125 advertisement on AppleCandie.Us for 1 month

3rd winner
$10 cash thru paypal (sponsored by Swastik of STZ)
1 yr domain (.com/.org/.net) (sponsored by Nina)
8gb hosting package (sponsored by Micay)

4th winner
$5 cash thru paypal (sponsored by Swastik of STZ)
125×125 advertisement on My Candypastel for 1 month
1000 EC Credits (sponsored by Dhadha)

5th winner
$5 cash thru paypal (sponsored by Swastik of STZ)
1000 EC Credits from my Pinkista.net

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True Friends
07 November 2008
Napakatagal ko na di naaupdate ang aking pinakamamahal na blog. Napakarami ko rin dapat ikwento. HAHA hmm san ko ba uunahin? sa dami kasi ng nangyrai di ko alam anu dapat kong ikwento. Two days na akong may sakit and super hirap kasi di talaga ako makaconcentrate pagdating sa klase. Sabi ko nga napakaswerte kong tao dahil lahat ng saki8t (ubo, sipon, lagnat at sakit ng ulo) ay nararanasan ko sa dalawang araw. Matagal tagal na rin ako di nagkakasakit siguro dala lang ito ng stress at sa dami ng nangyayari sa akin. Oh well pero gagaling din naman ako. Wee it's all in the mind nga daw. HAHA At ako'y nagtataka bakit kaya purong tagalog ako ngayon. Hindi ko rin mawari. :P


"True friends say harsh words you can't imagine in your whole life to make you see the reality..."

In my own experience this is true. Hindi palaging "oo" ka sa kaibigan mo kahit mali na nakikita mo. You have to tell her what you really see and feel sa mga ginagawa niyang sa pananaw mo eh di na maganda. For me, hinahayaan ko marealize ng kaibigan ko mali niya sa ginagawa niya, sabi nga nila "you have to learn your lessons based on your experience.." bu twhat if? what if hindi niya makita yung mali? nabubulag na siya sa akala niya tama? kaya nga andyan friends mo diba? para iremind sayo "hey anu ka ba? hindi yan tamang daan! mag-isip ka nga!" minsan kung di madaan sa magandang usapan dinadaan sa dahas. Haha If you really love your friend then you should always remind her that may mali. Kahit na masasakit na salita na siguro masabi mo kelangan eh para untog siya. Pero yung harsh words naman eh sa mga matitigas na talaga ulo na paulit ulit na. Nagkaroon kami ng away ng isa sa pinakaclose friend ko dahil may nasabi akong di maganda sa kanya... hindi ko pinagsisisihan mga sinabi ko para din sa kanya yun eh. Alam ko kapalit nun eh magagalit siya sa akin. For two days din kami di nag-uusap at nagtetext. pero kanina lang nagtext siya at nakipagbati sa akin. and I'm so happy na bati na kami. :) siguro kaya din ako nagkasakit dahil sa pag-aaway na yun. HAHA

Kaya don't be afraid to tell your friend the truth, masakit man ito or hindi, your there to remind her always. And sometimes your friend will not always be there for you. Hindi sila andyan palagi sa tabi mo para kunsintihan ka sa lahat ng ginagawa mo. Kung mali ka bibigyan ka nila pagkakataon para marealize mga ginagawa mo.

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badly need your help!
04 November 2008
This is my first time to join a blog contest! and I'm here to take risk. HAHA I'm not expecting to win this one but still I do hope that I'm not on the bottom list. :P I do need your help! Just go to this site http://certifiedpinklover.net/ and look for my blog http://jh3n-a-holic.blogspot.com and vote for me. :) I really appreciate your help. Thanks
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Happy Birthday to my Mom!
02 November 2008
November 1 is my mom's birthday. Does it sound creepy? HAHA well actually most of the people whom I told that my mom's birthday is November 1 said "hah? di nga?". I don't know what is wrong having a birthday with this date? besides November 1 is for all "Saints" day... so it means nothing to worry HAHA. maybe some of the people asking "then when is all souls day?" All Souls day is November 2. I buy cake for my mom's birthday at Red Ribbon. I do not usually do this buying a cake or giving a gift... Saying Happy Birthday is just enough for us. But since I want to show how much I love my mom and to make her birthday more meaningful maybe a cake can make it memorable and meaningful. Eversince my mom does not blow her candles "kasi nga wala cake" haha but I'm so glad to see my mom happy in her birthday with just a simple cake as a gift from me. :)

Message to my mom: "Ma, Thank you for everything! Although we have this gap which seperates us from being close. I will always be here with you. Pasaway ako, yeah and I am really aware of that but even though I'm acting like Idon't care? deep inside me I love you so much. Sorry for everyhting."

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