Words of my Day
30 October 2008
I'm browsing on my phones MS Dictionary and I have encountered this new words:

Abasia - n. an inability to walk for which no physical cause can be identified.

Astasia - n. an inability to stand for which no physical cause can be found.

Astasia-abasia - is an inability to stand or walk in the absence of any recognized physical illness.

hmmm. I think this words can be used by the people who are lazy. HAHA
tamad mag-lakad at tamad tumayo! LOLX
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School Girl
27 October 2008
The day I am waiting. School day! HAHA Sembreak is so bored so I am excited for school and here it is! Our first day! Yes! Our first day... and it was still boring! but the GOOD NEWS is? I have my allowance back! Booo to poverty! HAHA I have to adjust myself for student body clock. Lolx Bye-bye to "puyat mode, outing with friends, inuman with barkada's" I will miss those happy moments. For now? I have to study! study! study! HAHA I hope I can motivate myself to study.

So here it is... My first day? like I said is boring! I have to wake up so early like 6:30am but I ended up waking at 7am... as usual "nakikipagtwaran sa alarm clock". At least I already prepared my things before I sleep. I can't imagine! "nagplantsa ako ng mga uniform" HAHA it's been a long long time since I ironed my own uniform. Lolx Actually monday, tuesday and wednesday is my duty days but our school haven't posted yet our schedule for duty. We will be staying again in our school for two consecutive weeks and booo for that! During our lunch break me and Raisa did some photo shoot our models? HAHA our keychains, wallet and cellphones (I will update soon the pics here). HAHA I guess we're just bored, we have to fight boredom! Our professor announced that we will be having return demonstrations in IV insertion, we have to get a partner because we will be doing the IV insertion to our partners. NO ASSUMING!. and we are expecting blood all over the place in our demo day. HAHA Goodluck na lang sa amin.

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24 October 2008

Napapaisip tuloy ako. Maganda nga ba ako? HAHAHA kasi bakit may mga taong nagpapakita ng insecurity at kung anu anu pa linalagay na comment sa photo's ko. Ang nakakatawa pa "nakikipagkaibigan pa" eh halata naman may gusto siya iparating. Hanggat maari ayoko naman ng may kaaway dahil wala naman akong makitang dahilan para awayin niya ako. Hindi naman ako kagandahan or wala rin lang ako ipagmamalaki. Pero bakit nga ba? I'm just wondering why this girl (I will not mention her name) in Friendster is angry with me? (well I don't know if she is angry or insecure but that what I have observed) As I remember I don't really know her. Seriously!


Nag-away kami ng mama ko kahapon. Nagkasumbatan kami and I was crying really really hard. I texted Raisa if I can go to there place and of course she said yes. Kinuha ko gamit ko and immediately went out with out any words coming from my mouth. Tama di ako nagpaalam sa sobrang galit ko lumayas ako kaagad! Nasa house na ako nila Raisa and still di ko pa rin mapigilan iyak ko. I was thankful kasi andyan lagi friends ko. We called our friends and para saluhan ako syempre uminom kami ng GSM! HAHA ayun happy ulit nakakalimutan problema kahit papaano... but even if I'm angry with my mom I'm still worried about her so I have to go home early. Andun pa rin pride ko so I'm still not talking to her!

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boredom? just kill me!
19 October 2008
Tagalog mode. haha Naku super ubos na dugo ko kakaenglish. so ngayon kelangan magrelax ang utak gagamit ako tagalog. Hays. as usual super bored ako. balik tambay mode sa bahay. kain, tulog, computer, soundtrip, text at bantay sa pamangkin ko... yan lang ginagawa ko buong araw. atleast my ginagawa diba? hahaha


* Another award! yehey! hehe Given by Gia/Yagi! Thanks...

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Link 10 other bloggers whom you wanted to share this award to.
4. Give a reason why you consider that person’s blog cool.

Ako naman! Haha. This are the coolest blog I know...
There's a lot of them but 10 lang daw eh..
Andi /Aryl /Casey /Certified Pink Lover /Vince /Candy Pastel /Pinkista /Joanna /Gen /Kate


And meron na naman kaming bagong kinahuhumalingan. haha ang "Moshi Monsters"! super cute kasi... Nung una medyo nagka problema pa. hindi man lang ako nakarecieved ng confirmation. huhu kaya ayun I decided to register or adopt for a new pet again at ayun! yehey! ok na... Meet my Moshi Monster named MUSHIE! ang cute niya noh? haha wala nakakaaliw lang siya. ahay! halata namang wala ako magawa diba? lolx


Pasukan na dapat namin next week eh. As in Octber 20! Kaso alam niyo ba? pasukan na naging BATO pa! ahay... napostponed ang pasukan namin sa October 27 na raw. huhu hindi ako mahilig mag-aral pero ayaw ko naman sa bahay lang! waaa as in nakakamatay sa sobrang boring. tsk! At namumulubi na kami magbabarkada! haha wala na kami pang gastos... nagiipon pa naman kami money para sa pagpunta namin Manila... at excited na din ako. haha
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Max Trip! P100.00
16 October 2008
I went to school at almost 2:00pm for our enrollment. I'm excited to have my class, it is not that "I love going to school or study BUT I just want to free my self inside our house! I'm so so bored!" When I got there, some of my classmates are almost finish enrolling and there are also some 4th year students who still be going to the registrar for the evaluation. As being late :P I have to face my consequence! that is, standing outside the registrar office and wait until we are called, since they gave us a number to follow, well probably almost all of us are shock with that number thing. haha I waited for almost 3 hours! hmm at least I finish doing that evaluation.

At exactly 5:00pm I went to Marie's apartment, Raisa, Gener and Dadan was there. We watched a horro/suspense and love story movie which is I forgot the title. haha Marie and Ginny buy some foods at Mcdo (Fries and Burger). We finnish 2 movies and feel our stomach is shouting for food again. At first we decided to eat pizza! yummy! but we end up going to Max Restaurant. I ordered "Pancit Canton" (not luckyme ok?), Dadan ordered for Half chicken, Ginny for Chicken Sisig, Gener for Tofu? (well I don't really know what they call that tofu. haha). We are really having a hard time picking up what to order but we end up ordering those what I have said. We decided to go but of course we have to pay our bill, which is P1,114? I'm not sure. Haha then when we are on our way to Dadan's car the waiter called our attention and said "sir kulang ng P100 yung bayad niyo..." Well we are all shock, because we are sure we gave the right amount. Oh well nothing to argue anymore so we gave the "One hundred pesos"...
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Certified Pink Lovers
I am one of the girls who loves pink and used to be a "kikay", and certified pink lovers is one of the best site for me. The Certified Pink Lovers Website is a great site for us girls who loves pink. There are lots of stuff that is so interesting here. Love the layout but I think it is full of pink well I guess that's why it is a certified pink lovers. :P This site is not only for girls, it is also for the guys who are willing to know and understand girls interest, ideas and thoughts that runs into their minds.
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Make Sheryl win at SiteTalkZone contest!
15 October 2008

Sheryl joined SiteTalkZone, it's a community for all webmasters. They are launching its first contest, giving away $250 for the 1st place winner, the 2nd and 3rd placer will get some prizes as well. Here are the prizes:


- 250$ cash in Paypal.

- 3 month Ad spot on Sitetalkzone.


- Any available TLD of your choice.

- 1 month Ad spot on Sitetalkzone.

- 6 months of free hosting.


- Any available TLD of your choice.

- 1 month ad spot on Sitetalkzone.

- 3 months of free hosting.

If ever Sheryl will win this contest, she will be using the half of the prize (money) for her Pinkista.net's 3rd Anniversary upcoming contest which celebrates on November, next month. If you want to support her and wants to make an entry just like this, visit her blog entry to read more about the contest.

She will be glad if you will join SiteTalkZone under her referrals. Register Here!

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Blog Action Day!

Poverty is not new to us. We can see it everywhere here in the Philippines and around the world, but isn't it was alarming? Almost half of our population is dealing into this poverty situation. We must take an action! As everyone says we have to deal with it. The Blog Action Day is just a way for us to tell to all Filipino around the world that we have to do something... I may not have the solution to this problem but at least I can speak up what my mind says about the problem. I'm just a Nursing student who's in the health care field and as we study different diseases, the number one predisposing factor of all diseases is "poverty". As we all know there are lack of health care services/facilities here in the Philippines which are really needed by all Filipinos. Usually health services must rendered 24/7 in the community but as we students do our baranggay profile here in our place, we observed that health clinic is only open for a "half day" and also they have lack of materials and also doctor or nurse. I'm talking about the health of all Filipinos which are affected by poverty.

Seriously speaking we cannot do anything about poverty, but we can lessen or decrease the number of Filipino people with in this state of living. It is all up to the government if they will take this problem seriously, we just have to speak up and open their minds regarding this. And we just have to pray and hope that it will not be worse.

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Akeelah and the Bee Movie
14 October 2008

* The Movie "Akeelah and the Bee" is one of the greatestmovie I have ever seen. Akeelah love for words lead him to be in a spelling be. She was inspired by her father who passed away when she is still a little child. She found also a new friends in different races since she is a black american.

Here are some qoutes that I really love.


: [quoting Marianne Williamson]" Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."

Dr. Larabee: Does that mean anything to you?

Akeelah: I don't know.

Dr. Larabee: It's written in plain English. What does it mean?

Akeelah: That I'm not supposed to be afraid?

Dr. Larabee: Afraid of what?

Akeelah: Afraid of... me?


Akeelah: You know that feeling where everything feels right? Where you don't have to worry about tomorrow or yesterday, where you feel safe and know you're doing the best you can? There's a word for that, it's called love. L-O-V-E.
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Love Award!
13 October 2008

I was checking my blog when someone give me this award from Jerusalaine.

Rule: Link the person who started this award.
Link the person who "LOVE" you .
Post the rules on your blog (this is what you are now reading).
Tag 7 people at the end of your post and link to them.
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Passed this award to:


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12 October 2008
It's been 19 years of my life and still I haven't tried "serious relationship" or being love with someone special. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I know I'm not that ugly but why? Yeah I know I'm over reacting with this one, but still I wanted also to be loved by someone I really love. My life is miserable... and don't remind me about the people having more miserable than mine I know that also. I'm just curious why? hays. And this not having a lover (haha) makes me feel that I'm so so ugly. I have a very low self confidence and self esteem. Maybe I am born to be single. I have been in 8 not serious relationships, YES! Eight! and still no serious relationship! but wait I said no serious relationship because they are the one who's not serious. They like playing with me. Eerr and I hate it.
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Call Cancelled
Last night we were having a "inuman session" at our barkada's house. Sobrang namiss namin lalo na si Ginny na galing Manila. Marami nangyaring kagaguhan, pikunan, asaran hmmm at chikahan. There are 8 guys and 8 girls, pero hindi by partner yan ah. Oh well yung my partner... The fun begins when we played "ping, pong, pang"... nakakaintriga and full of kilig moments din sa iba. Halos kawawa yung lagi nagkakamali kasi for sure lasing siya (buti na lang alerto ako. haha)

Then at the middle of our asaran I decided to call someone special. I wanted to tell him that I miss his voice and maybe it is the right time for me to say "maybe it is time for us to be commited to each other". I wanted to surprise him that night, but I am really disappointed. He didn't answer my call and his reason is "1 bar na lang signal ko, baka di tayo magkaintindihan masasayang lang load mo nyan". I understand what he says but I insist to call him and tell him what I feel, pero wala talaga he still canceled my call. I just texted him "Ok bahala ka.! Enjoy!"

Nasaktan din ako dun, maybe mababaw sa ibang tao but yung feeling na you wanted to tell him everything then ganun? parang deadma siya? hays so I stop texting him that night till now. And he's not also texting me the whole day. I'm still waiting for his text pero ewan naguguluhan ako. If he only knows what I really feel that night maybe he will regret that he cancelled that call.
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a APPLE saves the day...
06 October 2008
Our 1st week of our sembreak really turned me so depress. We're having a financial problem , since I have seen my mom trying her best to find money for our daily allowance. This is not the only day, month or year that we have this kind of problem. And I don't want to see my mom having problem with this matter.

I decided also to stop for this next semester, but it is hard for me, since I will be graduating next year of March. I was glad that our financial problem came this sembreak. lol

Then why did I tell that the "apple" saves the day? I don't have any thoughts, ideas or maybe my brain does not working.haha but when I felt hunger and decided to look in our refrigerator for food I found an apple! yes...apple.! and that give me an idea to make this post. It help me ease my hunger and also give my brain some relaxation since I don't need to think about my problem in a few minutes and help me post a new blog. so for me? the apple saves my day. :)
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