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28 March 2009

I'm very busy with some paper works and getting ready for June Nursing Board Exam. I'm still working with my PRC forms and I'm so pissed off about my cases. Eerr. So I will be OFFLINE for almost 2-4 months. I'm gonna MISS BLOGGING and READING YOUR BLOGS. :(

Anyway, tomorrow (March 29, 2009) will be our graduation. Yehey! but honestly I can't feel it because I still have to finish filing my PRC forms. Wish me luck that I can be able to file my forms *crossfingers* && specially that I will pass JUNE Nursing Board Exam. :) Please do pray for me and to the other nursing bloggers who will take the EXAM. Thanks.

March 26, 2009. New Hairstyle. Haha I have now a super short hair and it looks nice for me. :P What do you think so? Anyway, A simple update for my last entry this month. I went to Baguio last Thursday to enroll my critical review in Labagnoy Review Center. When I finish enrolling I went to SM Baguio to meet my friend Jojo. Then I waited at Studio one for him, I ordered a Cookies and Cream Frapp and just waited for Jojo. Then my friend Mhegs texted me that she is in Baguio to so we meet each other at Studio One. I introduced Jojo and Mhegs to each other. And then I decided to have a haircut with a Korean Salon and we ended up going to Tony & Jackie Salon it is a Korean Salon with Korean Hairstylist. :P

March 28, 2009. Earth Hour. Biglaan nawala kuryente habang nagupdate ako ng entry ko. Buti na lang nasave yung entry ko. Haha Ayun I guess we VOTED for Earth Hour and tapos na. Yehey! :P

Others: Since this will be my last post I will take the chance to THANK all the bloggers who VOTED me on the Photo Editing Contest. I'm so thankful I have you guys. Also I would like to thank those people on my Friendster who help me also for the Contest. I'm happy that I have friends online that I can count on. :)

I have an award! Yehey. Given to me by Dedeandro :) Thanks for this award.

Here are the rules:
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link to the blog who gave the award.
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So I will be giving this awards to:
Rosie | Tin | Mhaye | Tine | April Joyce | Jeru | Pinoy Teens

Contest: Filipina Blogger is having a contest for her Birthday. My friend Rosa is one of the contestants of this contest and I am supporting her. I've been browsing to Jade's Blog aka Filipina Blogger and found out her post interesting and her blog tells more about everything. Wishing you goodluck in your contest. :) To view for the complete list of sponsors click here. is having a PHOTO EDITING CONTEST and I do dedicate this to my friend April Joyce. If you wanted to know more about the contest and interested to join also click me.

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House M.D.
17 March 2009

I've been watching Movies this past weeks almost done watching 20+. Haha and now I'm addicted to House MD. Eeerr he is so hot! I'm so in love with his attitude. I'm now on season 3 (boo me!). And every series is so amazing. Yay for those people behind the scenes. For those people whom never heard this one I recomend you House MD especially those who are in medical fields. You're gonna love this one.

Dr. Gregory House is the main character of this American Medical Drama. Portrayed by Hugh Laurie. He always bring with him Vicodin (a analgesic drug) to manage the pain on his leg (an infarction in his quadriceps muscles). He uses a cane. His colleagues Dr. James Wilson (bestfriend of House) and DR. Lisa Cuddy encourage him to go for rehabilitation because he's been addicted to Vicodin but so far there are no successful rehab for him. House heads a team of a diagnosticians at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He treat his patients with "no bedside manner".
Everybody lies... -Dr. Gregory House

Cast of House M.D.


Please do me a favor.? Click me and VOTE for my Edit Picture, LOOK for my name "JHEN" at the voting area at the SIDEBAR. Thanks. :D

I do support Cesz in Bhabie Jhoice 1st Annual Contest. Ate Jhoice shows her appreciation to those who supported her blog all the way long here. And now it's her turn to give some love by running a contest. :D She is giving COOL prizes! I wish I am able to join. Haha but well I just wish luck to Cesz. :D

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FS vs FB
13 March 2009
I'm just browsing some topics on "plurk" then some entries caught my eye, the changes on Friendster and Facebook. I'm not into Friendster or Facebook. Well I have accounts on both sites. I'm not trying to make some comparison here but well maybe kinda a little bit of comparison. I just wanted to share my opinions about this FS vs FB issues.

We all know that Friendster has been a part of our online world in the Philippines well maybe in the other country too. I've been a FS member since when I am in 4th year high school till now, and I do have 3 accounts. Yeah! 3. Haha but that is not the issue. It is one way for me to communicate with my old friends. And about the features of FS well it is user friendly specially for those people who is not that addicted in front of the computer. Justify Full
Facebook is new and I've been a user since last year I think. Well I'm not that really active on this account since I don't have enough friends in here. I do have added friends but majority of them are not really my friends and haven't seen personally like friendster. I had observed that FB has celebrity members... that I think fans are really grateful if there favorite artist is in there circle of friends. But one thing I enjoy in facebook is the Pet Society.

So here is the thing. Why do other people hate Friendster? but they have account on this site ? I don't get what they really want. They say that FS is "jologs" but hey you are a member too. They kept on comparing the FS and FB but if they really think of it they are different. Yes they are both online site in adding and giving comments to friends or acquintance but they have their difference. We don't have to compare them both because they have different offers to their members. I known other sites like Myspace, High5, Netlog or WooMe but all of this have different things to offer. Okay I'm sorry I'm just being carried away. Haha but I am right or not? I'm just telling that you don't have to say something not good to other site if you have an account on it. Or maybe just think that is is one way for you to discriminate other people. And I hate discrimination. So that's it.

I will appreciate if you will give me your opinions about this. Thank you. No spamming please.
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Movie Marathon
11 March 2009

I've been alone for 2 days here at home. And I have borrowed 14 Cd's at Video City to kill my boredom. Guess what? I'm still bored. Haha So I decided to just post the movies I have watched.

This is a story about girl that is brought to a girl school which is her spoiled brat attitude is not tolerated. She will learn so much from this school. Her roommates helped her to get out of the school by getting expelled from it.

The story of a guy which is brought in prison because of here wife's death. Then inside the prison he will find out that everything has been framed up to make him one of the driver in a death race.

There's the two of the movies I've watched. And this are my favorites. :D

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Entrecard Plugin
04 March 2009

Starting my newly ENTRECARD again. Haha Why? Oh well my previous Entrecard has been deleted because of the autoplay mp3 on one of my post. Eerr So please drop some entrecard on mine. :D I'm starting again in ZERO. boo me! Haha

Why do we put some EC on our blogs? What is the used of it? Well anyway I don't have all the answers and honestly I don't know how to answer my own question. Haha Maybe I saw a ECwidget on the other blogs so I decided to put EC in my blog too. Just kiddin. But half true. Haha

Anyway EC is also for advertsing your blog to encouraged blogger to read your blog and you can also track bloggers who drop by on your blog, it is one simple way to increased traffic on your site too. The EC credits can be converted into cash. :D Well there are corresponding points that will enable you to convert it to cash. Haha && they are now using EC credits for prizes on a blog contest.

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