im gonna miss blogging
28 March 2009

I'm very busy with some paper works and getting ready for June Nursing Board Exam. I'm still working with my PRC forms and I'm so pissed off about my cases. Eerr. So I will be OFFLINE for almost 2-4 months. I'm gonna MISS BLOGGING and READING YOUR BLOGS. :(

Anyway, tomorrow (March 29, 2009) will be our graduation. Yehey! but honestly I can't feel it because I still have to finish filing my PRC forms. Wish me luck that I can be able to file my forms *crossfingers* && specially that I will pass JUNE Nursing Board Exam. :) Please do pray for me and to the other nursing bloggers who will take the EXAM. Thanks.

March 26, 2009. New Hairstyle. Haha I have now a super short hair and it looks nice for me. :P What do you think so? Anyway, A simple update for my last entry this month. I went to Baguio last Thursday to enroll my critical review in Labagnoy Review Center. When I finish enrolling I went to SM Baguio to meet my friend Jojo. Then I waited at Studio one for him, I ordered a Cookies and Cream Frapp and just waited for Jojo. Then my friend Mhegs texted me that she is in Baguio to so we meet each other at Studio One. I introduced Jojo and Mhegs to each other. And then I decided to have a haircut with a Korean Salon and we ended up going to Tony & Jackie Salon it is a Korean Salon with Korean Hairstylist. :P

March 28, 2009. Earth Hour. Biglaan nawala kuryente habang nagupdate ako ng entry ko. Buti na lang nasave yung entry ko. Haha Ayun I guess we VOTED for Earth Hour and tapos na. Yehey! :P

Others: Since this will be my last post I will take the chance to THANK all the bloggers who VOTED me on the Photo Editing Contest. I'm so thankful I have you guys. Also I would like to thank those people on my Friendster who help me also for the Contest. I'm happy that I have friends online that I can count on. :)

I have an award! Yehey. Given to me by Dedeandro :) Thanks for this award.

Here are the rules:
1. Place the logo / banner on your blog.
2. Add a
link to the blog who gave the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
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5. Let them know by leaving a message (shout) on
their blogs.

So I will be giving this awards to:
Rosie | Tin | Mhaye | Tine | April Joyce | Jeru | Pinoy Teens

Contest: Filipina Blogger is having a contest for her Birthday. My friend Rosa is one of the contestants of this contest and I am supporting her. I've been browsing to Jade's Blog aka Filipina Blogger and found out her post interesting and her blog tells more about everything. Wishing you goodluck in your contest. :) To view for the complete list of sponsors click here. is having a PHOTO EDITING CONTEST and I do dedicate this to my friend April Joyce. If you wanted to know more about the contest and interested to join also click me.

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