FS vs FB
13 March 2009
I'm just browsing some topics on "plurk" then some entries caught my eye, the changes on Friendster and Facebook. I'm not into Friendster or Facebook. Well I have accounts on both sites. I'm not trying to make some comparison here but well maybe kinda a little bit of comparison. I just wanted to share my opinions about this FS vs FB issues.

We all know that Friendster has been a part of our online world in the Philippines well maybe in the other country too. I've been a FS member since when I am in 4th year high school till now, and I do have 3 accounts. Yeah! 3. Haha but that is not the issue. It is one way for me to communicate with my old friends. And about the features of FS well it is user friendly specially for those people who is not that addicted in front of the computer. Justify Full
Facebook is new and I've been a user since last year I think. Well I'm not that really active on this account since I don't have enough friends in here. I do have added friends but majority of them are not really my friends and haven't seen personally like friendster. I had observed that FB has celebrity members... that I think fans are really grateful if there favorite artist is in there circle of friends. But one thing I enjoy in facebook is the Pet Society.

So here is the thing. Why do other people hate Friendster? but they have account on this site ? I don't get what they really want. They say that FS is "jologs" but hey you are a member too. They kept on comparing the FS and FB but if they really think of it they are different. Yes they are both online site in adding and giving comments to friends or acquintance but they have their difference. We don't have to compare them both because they have different offers to their members. I known other sites like Myspace, High5, Netlog or WooMe but all of this have different things to offer. Okay I'm sorry I'm just being carried away. Haha but I am right or not? I'm just telling that you don't have to say something not good to other site if you have an account on it. Or maybe just think that is is one way for you to discriminate other people. And I hate discrimination. So that's it.

I will appreciate if you will give me your opinions about this. Thank you. No spamming please.
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