Blog Action Day!
15 October 2008

Poverty is not new to us. We can see it everywhere here in the Philippines and around the world, but isn't it was alarming? Almost half of our population is dealing into this poverty situation. We must take an action! As everyone says we have to deal with it. The Blog Action Day is just a way for us to tell to all Filipino around the world that we have to do something... I may not have the solution to this problem but at least I can speak up what my mind says about the problem. I'm just a Nursing student who's in the health care field and as we study different diseases, the number one predisposing factor of all diseases is "poverty". As we all know there are lack of health care services/facilities here in the Philippines which are really needed by all Filipinos. Usually health services must rendered 24/7 in the community but as we students do our baranggay profile here in our place, we observed that health clinic is only open for a "half day" and also they have lack of materials and also doctor or nurse. I'm talking about the health of all Filipinos which are affected by poverty.

Seriously speaking we cannot do anything about poverty, but we can lessen or decrease the number of Filipino people with in this state of living. It is all up to the government if they will take this problem seriously, we just have to speak up and open their minds regarding this. And we just have to pray and hope that it will not be worse.

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