Time-Saving Tips
10 September 2008

Are you a procrastinator? Try these time-saving tips for efficiency and more productivity in everything you do.

Procrastinator - postpone doing something: to postpone doing something, especially as a regular practice

  • Write out a daily "To Do List" making sure you include your top priorities.
  • On Mondays, plan your week’s activities.
  • Delegate routine chores.
  • Set deadlines for yourself and your subordinates.
  • Use waiting time to catch up on routine reading or to plan projects.
  • Jot down spontaneous notes and ideas.
  • Break down unpleasant tasks into small, non-threatening jobs.
  • Cut off nonproductive activities - eg. phone calls, rambling conversations.
  • Try and handle every piece of paper only once.
  • Keep your work space cleared and ready for action. Don’t let clutter accumulate. Clean as you go.
  • Have a place for everything, so you know exactly where to find it.
  • Schedule a meeting only if you can describe its purpose.
  • Skim for important words and headlines when you read.
  • Listen carefully. Ask direct questions to obtain needed information quickly.
  • Learn to say "no". There is a limit to your energy and ability to accomplish an endless list of tasks.
  • Do your thinking on paper or on your computer. This motivates you to continue, while you see your progress.
  • Eliminate unnecessary interruption. Close your office door. Let your staff take messages, and then return calls all at once.
  • Set aside your most productive time period everyday to do your creative work.
  • Save all trivial matters for three-hour session once a month.
  • Avoid people who drain and e-mail people who regularly talk too much on the phone.

- July 2006, Health & Home, pg.29

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