Max Trip! P100.00
16 October 2008
I went to school at almost 2:00pm for our enrollment. I'm excited to have my class, it is not that "I love going to school or study BUT I just want to free my self inside our house! I'm so so bored!" When I got there, some of my classmates are almost finish enrolling and there are also some 4th year students who still be going to the registrar for the evaluation. As being late :P I have to face my consequence! that is, standing outside the registrar office and wait until we are called, since they gave us a number to follow, well probably almost all of us are shock with that number thing. haha I waited for almost 3 hours! hmm at least I finish doing that evaluation.

At exactly 5:00pm I went to Marie's apartment, Raisa, Gener and Dadan was there. We watched a horro/suspense and love story movie which is I forgot the title. haha Marie and Ginny buy some foods at Mcdo (Fries and Burger). We finnish 2 movies and feel our stomach is shouting for food again. At first we decided to eat pizza! yummy! but we end up going to Max Restaurant. I ordered "Pancit Canton" (not luckyme ok?), Dadan ordered for Half chicken, Ginny for Chicken Sisig, Gener for Tofu? (well I don't really know what they call that tofu. haha). We are really having a hard time picking up what to order but we end up ordering those what I have said. We decided to go but of course we have to pay our bill, which is P1,114? I'm not sure. Haha then when we are on our way to Dadan's car the waiter called our attention and said "sir kulang ng P100 yung bayad niyo..." Well we are all shock, because we are sure we gave the right amount. Oh well nothing to argue anymore so we gave the "One hundred pesos"...
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