I miss those fights we had...
01 December 2008

This is my sister who is currently working as a nurse in Riyadh.

Aj (my sister's daugthter) Jhen (me) and Ate Zsa-Zsa

Me and Ate doing wacky face.

I really miss my sister so much. Although we are not in good terms when she was still here. It is just because I'm too young to mingle with her. We have 5 years gap. We did not grow up together so maybe we are not so close. We always fight for no reason and I miss those fights. And I remember the day she told me she is pregnant, I thought she was just joking so I just ignored what she said. Till I found that the pregnant thing she said is true when my mom told me about that issue. I'm still reminiscing all the happy and sad moments with my "ate". I miss her so much . December 1 2008 will be the 24th birthday of my sister.

Message to my sis: "Happy Birthday "ate"! I really miss you so much. Wishing you good health and more birthdays to come. Lagi man tayo nag-aaway dati but one thing I am sure of I love you and I will be always here for you. Uwi ka na.

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