Prelim Exam is Over!
05 December 2008
Our prelim exam is over! And 2 weeks from now it is our Christmas break already and I'm so excited! There are a lot of reason why I am. First, we will be celebrating our Christmas with my cousins in Quezon City. Bihira lang kasi kami magkita ng mga cousins ko and super tagal ko na plano dun magspend ng Christmas. I'm glad my mom agreed that we will be going there even though we have problems regarding money. Second, I will meet some of my online friends since they are all residing at Manila. I hope they are not busy on that following day. Third, the foods! lolx Magaling kasi magluto mga tita and tito ko so eventually we will not feel hunger when we will be there. Patay gutom? Haha And lastly, I will be going to MOA or SM Megamall at mag-ice skating ako! Haha and I will be going to Razons and eat Halo-Halo. I'm so inlove with Razons Halo-halo and don't know why.

Okay back to my exam. It was easy okay not easy but moderate. I am confident that I'll passed the exam. Bakit? Haha nagreview ako and bihira lang ako magreview for a exam. Lolx but I do enjoy it when I'm reviewing. So hindi ako kinakabahan kung ilan nakuha ko kasi medyo madali din yung exam.

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