Victory for Pacman & Condolence to Marky Cielo
07 December 2008
It's Sunday and I haven't gone to church. I will be so busy this coming 2 weeks because after our review that is Sunday 8am-5pm, my shift of duty is scheduled 11pm-7am. So that means I am totally wake for 24 hours! Boo me! The good thing is I'm on a special area and I love my groupmates. The sad part is? Obviously 11pm-7am is eventually ZERO cases! Oras ng tulog eh. Eerr. So before I pack all my things up for my duty, there is a part of me that says "I have to blog something!" Okay I'm not obviously addicted to blogging.

So another win for Pacman! Dela Hoya throw there white towel before the 9th round starts, that is according to a friend of mine whom gave me the news about the game. I'm not into boxing or what. I don't even care to watch for it. But anyway I'm proud that Pacman wins again the fight. Mayaman na naman si Pacman. Haha Anyway if I'm not mistaken Manny Paquiao decided to retire in his boxing career after winning the fight. I thought he said those things bago ang laban nila ni Dela Hoya. Like I said "I'm not sure". Do inform me if I'm right. Haha

Okay I was shock when my friend PM me in Ym and asked me if "Marky Cielo" is already dead. Woaah! So I immediately browse into the net and look for an article about this. Wala naman ako nakita regarding that issue. It was all over the text and bulletins on Friendster. Oh well is that another joke or what? Ahay! Honestly I do like Marky Cielo he is good in dancing. And if ever that is true he's too young to die. I do hope that whole issue is just a joke.

Update: About Marky Cielo? Ok It is so sad but the news are true. Marky Cielo is dead. This article tells you everything. I was really disappointed about this. Marky Cielo is a very good dancer, a good actor and a cutie but to sad he died in the age of 20. Not another Rico Yan. I'm still can't believed about it. Nakakalungkot talaga. I don't know why I am so affected. Maybe nasasayangan lang ako kasi he's too young to die. Marky Cielo is the Sole Survivor of the Starstruck 3 and been featured to different shows in GMA7. One of my friend in multiply said that it was been news in Showbiz Central. Ok I'm still sad. Anyway let's just pray for him. Rest and Peace Marky Cielo.

Ok about the issue come to think of it? Everytime Pacman's win a fight there is a tragedy happens. I'm not saying that it is Pacman's fault but come see to it. May kumalat na dating ganung text messages. If you do remembered. There are situations that are connected to Pacman. Hays. Maybe I'm just paranoid about it. But hey! I have a point right? Oh let us just pray for Marky Cielo's soul. I'm still sad about it. :(

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