Freaky it is!
11 December 2008
What do you mean by freaky? In Dictionary[dot]com they define freaky as freakish or a slang which means frightening, weird or strange and pertaining to freaks. And what I am talking about? Oh well I guess I have or we have this freaky experience at our past duty. For me it is because it is my first time. Anyway according to the definition it is frightening and strange or weird. Ok here is the wierd and strange situation happen:

Mahangin ba sa labas?

Oh well don't be confused on the title. It has something to do about it. :P There are three of us who are involved here. Ave and Kyx decided to have there break for a few minutes so I decided to join them since we are not doing anything. They nebulized (pertaining to smoking) for a minute and we went to the side of the hospital were there are house and "kubos" beside it. It is almost 2-3am in the morning and we can feel the coldness of the air. Ave has been looking at the kubos with "sampayan", she said that it is moving. Well we all think because of the wind but when me and Kyx look at the kubo the clothes are moving like there is someone pushing it. We've been analyzing the situation. The wind or air cannot move the clothes that hard. If you imagine there are clothes hanging and your pushing it and a clothes hanging with air only. Imagine the difference? So the three of us starting to feel freaky and afraid to look in the kubo. We told this to our groupmates and we want them to see it by thereselves and what funny and freaky is? It is not moving anymore. So we started talking about ghost and "nagtatakutan na kami". Ok your reaction maybe "oh is that what you call freaky?" haha Yeah! It is freaky for me because I'm the one who experience it.

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